Internship Training


Ongoing technology education is a valuable resource to the University community. From instructor-led classes to downloadable reference materials and interactive online courseware, training is provided in a variety of convenient formats. Topics cover areas that help make you more effective and efficient when working with today’s technology.


Training sessions are led by instructors with many years of experience in a variety of software offerings; they provide you the opportunity to ask questions of a real person in real time. Online training materials offer convenience, because you don’t have to register or travel to a classroom. Web-based learning is also cost-effective, saving time, money, and paper – it’s available 24/7 from any computer with a network connection.

Key Features
  • Unique technology education – training is offered for a variety of initiatives and needs – academic, administrative, and research.
  • Easily accessible – materials are available in the most common and effective web formats – including self-paced screencasts and downloadable PDF files.
  • Training on administrative systems – specialized mainframe training is tailored to specific access requirements – secured systems training. available to employees with a verified need.
  • Special requests – we can evaluate and provide training to meet unique situations.

Courses Offered by JICTS Institute of IT & Management.

  1. Certification in CompTIA A+, Linux, IT essential.
  2. Certification in Computer Applications (CCA)
  3. Certification in CCNA, CCNS and CCNP, Cisco Systems Instructor
  4. Certification in Advanced Web Development
  5. Certification in Linux Server System Administration using (Centos, Red hat, etc.)
  6. Certification in Computer Graphics
  7. Certification in Computer and Information Security
  8. Certification in Advanced Database System (i.e. MYSQL, MSQLi and Oracle)
  9.   Certification in Microsoft Window Server System Administration (MCSA)
  10. Certification in Computerized Accounting (Quick Books and Tally)
  11. Certification in Data Analytics, Big data-data science (SPSS,STATA etc.).
  12. Certification in Computer Hardware and Software System Support
  13. Certification in Ethical Hacking & Pen Testing
  14. Certification in ArcGIS, Esri and QGIS software
  15. Certification in Health Informatics Software (Bahmni/ OpenMRS, ELIS etc.)
  16. Certification in AC/HVAC Installation and Maintenance
  17. Certification in Solar System Installation
  18. Certification in Video Editing

Additional Training Offered by JICTS Institute of IT and Management

1. Certificate in Project Management
2. Certificate in Public and Humanitarian M&E
3. Certificate in Information Entrepreneurship, Economic, and National Development
4. Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Costumer Care
5. Certificate in Business Communication

6. Practical and Scenarios Training on Motivational Speaking and Positive Thinking
7. Practical and Scenarios Training on Career Development

8. Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM)

9. Certificate in Secretarial Study and Office Management.

10. Certificate in Marketing.

11. Certificate in Public accounting and Financial Management.

12. Certificate in Information Technology Infrastructure Library Verson4 (ITILV4)

13. Certificate in Information Technology Infrastructure, System & Security.
14. Certificate in Advanced Computing.
15. Certificate in Electrical Installation & Maintenance.
16. Certificate in Electronics Technology.
17. Certificate in Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
18. Certificate in Project planning & Management.
19. Certificate in Project Management Professional (PMP).
20. Certificate in Project Monitoring & Evaluation.
21. Certificate in Proposal writing & Resources Mobilization.
22. Certificate in Management & Leadership.