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ICT Services and Support

For Better Maintenance and Development.

We provide all kinds of ICT Services and Support including Printer, Copier and Scanner Repair Service.


We are a Premier ICT company Authorized Laser Printer & Copier Repair Service Center for Hewlett Packard (HP), Lexmark, IBM, Xerox, Canon, Dell and most other manufacturers.  Our expert service technicians arrive with fully stocked vehicles to address your repairs efficiently and effectively.


Working with Printer Repair Service technicians is easy. Just call us and our expert technicians will be at your door. The technicians will diagnose the fault in your printer or copier and will let you know about the exact repair cost and time required. Some printers and copiers are easy to be fixed while others require close attention. Thus, we offer printer and copier replacement service for your business to run efficiently.


Computer Repair & Laptop Repair Services

Our highly qualified team of technical experts offer a comprehensive range of computer repair services. With many years of hard earned experience fixing PC related issues on some of the first ever released desktops, to diagnosing and repairing issues on the latest Core i7 desktop and server computers, Our technicians have seen and fixed it all.


We don’t give up. If there is a solution to your desktop computer repair problem, we will find it, and fix it. Our guys enjoy the challenge, and we want to help you. Your desktop computer is in good hands with us.


Our technical team can recommend some basic and affordable hardware upgrades that will drastically improve the performance of your PC. We have years of experience in servicing the software and operating system on your PC to improve and increase the overall performance, drastically.


Robust Institution ICT Infrastructure


Our solutions provide modern ICT environments while maintaining optimal operating costs


Comprehensive Deliveries of ICT Infrastructure With its extensive experience in ICT infrastructure deliveries, JICTS Limited can design and implement optimal solutions for its new and existing clients.


Our designed solutions offer an excellent added value to cost ratio. As a vendor- -independent provider, we can always find the solutions that best match our clients’ needs. We perceive the ICT infrastructure to be part of a complex corporate ICT environment.


The ICT infrastructure is based on the needs of information systems and the ICT strategy. It is a logical, physically structured system of components and activities, which can be used across different information systems. The purpose of the ICT infrastructure is to build an environment to run information systems, which then provide users with the required functionalities. The ICT infrastructure consists of several interrelated areas


Design and delivery of a functional ICT infrastructure for medium and large scale information systems Delivery of reliable, mutually compatible components and software solutions, their deployment and maintenance Design and delivery of infrastructure solutions with an optimal price/performance ratio and with no HW/SW vendor lock-in Professional user training, consulting and technical support throughout the lifetime of the products and provided solutions Migration of large data and information systems, including data center consolidation Comprehensive, expert administration and effective upgrading of the ICT infrastructure Warranty and post-warranty service for provided solution