Company History

JICTS Limited is a private company with track record in ICT training, seminars and sensitization, provision of general ICT support in term of products and services to organizations, institutions and enterprises in South Sudan. JICTS Limited has been working successfully in the market for over 6 years in Uganda with different private and public organizations, institutions, and individuals including NGOs As an IT solutions integrator company, we are capable of both informing and implementing complex solutions for your business- big or small. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals whose collective IT industry knowledge makes us one of the premier IT firms in the region. We dynamically adapt to the role you need us to fill from procurement of products to full support contracts. With our strong distributor and vendor relationships, we are able to procure high quality hardware and software products at a lower cost, saving you money. Apart from having business locally, JICTS Limited has spread her wings overseas to better support clients who have regional offices or subsidiaries.

Vision Statement

Accessible information, services and products to increase geographical knowledge and production for better living conditions and sustainable development

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable products and services to the community through: Training & seminars, support, and consultancy in the areas of Information and Communication Technology, Entrepreneurship and Customer Care.

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Values Statement

  • Our values are centered on;
  • People, Service and Support;
  • Loyalty;
  • Integrity and Customer Satisfaction.

JICTS Limited History

the company was founded in 2013 and fully registered by the Republic of South Sudan(RSS) in 2015; JICTS Limited operate in the market for good 5 years with the best and qualified expertise from different discipline of IT and business.we are the Information Technology specialists in the country .we don,t compromise when it come to products and services offer.Enjoy the services with no limit !







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